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Flying cars by 2017! we all been expecting this since 1985 after watching Back To The Future. Since its 2017 and cars have not been able to take off and defy gravity, We needed something to levitate and its here. Although it is not the first levitating speaker it sure is the ONLY Pokemon levitating bluetooth speaker out in the market. Great for all ages, The levitation of this speaker is fascinating and mind blowing, It truly is something to behold, It enlightens your mood and makes you smile all while listening to your favorite music coming from any iPhone, android, tablet, mp3, and Sd Card. Want to listen to radio commercials? I doubt it, but you can still tune in to your favorite Fm station. Stay levitated with the all new levitating speaker only at our shop, you wont find this anywhere else, Get yours now!

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Poke-ball specs

  • Bluetooth

    The Pokeball speaker comes eqquipped with the latest V4.0+EDR bluetooth technology increases data transmission rate, Lowers Distortion and adds range up to 10 meters

  • Compability

    Compatible with most Bluetooth capable devices including Iphone, Androids, MP3's, and computers. 

    SD card slot compatible

  • Battery Life

    Battery lasts up to 7 Hrs with an average charging time of 3 hrs 

    output power: 3w

  • The Perfect Gift

    Best for any occasion its mysterious fascinating and attractive!